The HUB Geneva provides 3 key services for parents:

1. HUB Ask

Your “go-to” local parent support forum. No question is too trivial or tricky, so join or start a conversation!

We provide a safe space to ask questions, find support and advice – providing access to a community when you need it most.

2. HUB Share

Our parenting blog sharing our experiences with each other.

We’re here to share real stories and conversations about the issues that matter to you most. 

The topics are always varied, relatable and sometimes downright hilarious.

We are not afraid to reveal our truths either, because belonging here means we acknowledge that times can get tough.

3. [email protected]

1:1 support from a [email protected] volunteer for families with a child aged under 5.

Our [email protected] volunteers have received The HUB Geneva training and are subject to Swiss Police checks.  

Volunteers will be matched with families to provide 2-4 hours of support on a weekly basis.

We are here to provide a listening ear and zero judgement.

We hope this offer will create: 

  • greater connection to other local english-speaking parents, thereby reducing feelings of isolation 
  • more understanding and links to the broader local community and its services
  • safe ways to share the difficult experiences that come along with family life
  • useful support to weather the storm
  • positive encouragement and practical support to improve emotional well-being 
The Hub Geneva