Why volunteer?

We are parents helping parents! 

Our team of trained volunteers provide emotional and practical support to other English-speaking parents. They understand what it is like to live in the Geneva area as well as the demands of family life!

Volunteering enables local families to give something back and participate fully within the community. 

What do volunteers do?

There are volunteer roles to suit everyone. 

group of people

1. [email protected] - Our 1:1 parent support service

We look for volunteers (HUB Buddies) who can offer 2-4 hours each week to work with families over at least three months. Ideal volunteers are:

  • parents themselves, or work with families

  • good at listening 

  • understanding of the difficulties of raising a family away from home

  • willing to share their experiences and provide reassurance 

  • able to encourage families to widen their network of relationships and use support services available 



people working HUB

2. Behind the Scenes

Help us with:

  • fundraising 
  • marketing 
  • strategic direction 
  • legal or accountancy support
  • French language skills
  • web development or administration




What do you need in order to volunteer for any of our activities?

  • Be a parent or have worked with families
  • Lived in the local area for over 1 year
  • Have valid authorisation to be living in Switzerland. You may be required to notify your Cantonal Office of Population and Migration of your intention to volunteer
  • Complete The HUB training programme (10 hours for [email protected] volunteers only)
  • Complete a Swiss police check ([email protected] volunteers only)
  • Agree to The HUB Terms and Conditions
  • Pay CHF 100.00 registration fee to cover administration costs and training ([email protected] volunteers only)
The Hub Geneva