I am noticing more and more my devotion to the sun.  Not in a way that will lead me to an old age of leathery wrinkles.  But rather due to the way it makes me feel.

Have you noticed anything similar?  

I have always been susceptible to the seasonal variations, the dark winter days hanging on me like a leaden coat.  A general desire to rush through to the warmth and brightness of Spring. But Switzerland has brought new day to day emphasis to the sun and light, that I had not expected.  

Perhaps it is specific to our lake locale, and the superscale skies but my mood and optimism is heavily skewed by the sun.  I feel different on a clear, sunny day.  Leaving the house, I feel lifted; physically lifted as if my body is being pulled upwards, more upright, more engaged, stronger.  

Yet a cloudy, murky day seems to close in around me.  My world seems smaller, more concentrated, heavier somehow.  The mountains disappear from view, shrouded in mist and everything draws closer. 

And whilst I still function the same whether the skies are clear or not, the way I feel changes.  I’m sure I have more patience with my family when the sun is shining, that I’m more accommodating, more open to influence, lighter overall.

Do you feel differently depending on the weather or the season?  

Do you look forward to certain parts of the year, over others? 

Has this changed with living in Switzerland?

January is traditionally a difficult time of year.  This long month offering us the continuation of long dark evenings, but without the offset of festive fun.  Plus, this year in all likelihood the additional dimension of COVID isolation as infection numbers climb.

All very draining, and yet I have found joyful January solace in the Swiss sun.  A winter stroll with the sun skittering and sparkling across the smooth surface of the lake.  The skies scattered with wisps of white sirrus as I’m driving around.  Clear, crisp mountain views as the sun warms my cheeks.  The park, full of friends after school, drawn together magically by the Sun’s rays not WhatsApp.

It may not be constant, the opaque gloom of grey cloud is sitting firmly across the lake as I write, but it is there.  The Sun.  My source of joy, lightness of heart and optimism.  Ready to lift me towards the longer days and renewal of Spring.  

Let us know how you are feeling?

Do you respond differently when the sun is shining? 

Do those around you notice a difference?   

Are you finding it difficult to emerge from the January blues?

We’d love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment.  Offer your tips or even experiences from living elsewhere.  Together we are stronger.

The Hub Geneva